Monday, October 7, 2019

Bark Park

My wife's car got a flat and she left it for me to deal with while she drove to work in my car, the old fashioned Ford that actually has a spare tire in the trunk. This modern weight saving crap of not having a spare wheel makes no sense to me. You need at least a doughnut to get you to a tire shop.  
 I had Rusty so we stopped at the bark park in Big Pine just because the idea popped into my head.
 I think they've done a really nice job of this dog park, with a small dog area on its own side.  This one is expansive and shaded and even though the grass is shredded where it continues to grow it is lush and thick.
 Apparently they fear a not picking up problem. Check out the signage:
 I don't understand people who don't pick up their dog shit. If you can't grasp a dog turd in plastic bag then don't get a dog because your neighbors don't want to step in it.
The worst of it is when you own a dog you end up stepping in far more of it because your dog takes you where others have gone before. I pocket it, take it back to the car and put it in the fuel cap. When I get home i drop it in the trash. If I forget I'll remember when I stop to get gas and open the filler cap and there it is, right next to the gas station trash can. Simple.  
 I don't know why all this signage is necessary but it seems to work. I stepped in nothing and saw nothing. Small mercies.
It was raining and I was driving my wife's car so instead of my sober black umbrella I was mincing around walking my dog while protected by a  polka dot dome. 
I notice the assistance offered to wheelchair users, Pretty cool I thought when I saw the strip of asphalt. In the past I hadn't really thought much about it. After my bout of wheel chair riding I tend to notice this stuff more. And appreciate it.
Rusty loved the grass. He isn't too fond of dog parks generally as he gets overwhelmed by too many dogs and even the confused mass of scents they leave behind seems to make him nervous.
 But he seemed to enjoy this one.
 He sloped around nose to the ground...
 ...while I found a bench to sit on.
You'll spot the ball field from Key Deer Boulevard as you drive toward the Blue Hole and Port Pine Heights. The dog park is, as you can see right behind the playing field.
 It could be a busy place and in winter it will be too.
I'm glad it survived Irma.


Anonymous said...

When I bought my current car, I looked it over and popped the trunk but never thought to look in the wheel well. When I discovered several weeks later that the car had no type of spare at all (just one of those pump things that lasted about 2 years before it began leaking all over the trunk), I was livid. Called the dealer up and yelled at them and told them I would have haggled them down another $300 on the price because now I was going to have to go to my tire guy and buy a wheel and a tire (which I did). I guess it was a learning experience. >:(

Whenever I would call AAA for a flat, and they would ask me, "Do you have a spare?" I'd look at the phone like they were nuts and say, "Of course I have a spare." Now I know what they meant.

I think it's a nice umbrella. :)

SonjaM said...

Same here, Michael. No spare tyre, not even a donut on our car/VW bus. Spare tyres are a myth or so. Did they ever exist?

Anonymous said...

Lincoln has a spare tire, but won’t get you too far. Very difficult to put on, the jack looks like a lego toy. Tried to put it on myself like in the past, but had to call for road service. Very annoying. Thumbs up to the umbrella, and rusty at the dog park.

Conchscooter said...

My fusion has a donut in the trunk. The van will have at least one spare wheel. If we were to put a generator under the van we’d lose the spare. Luckily I don’t want the generator anyway. I don’t like not having a spare. I keep a compressor and a power pack in the trunk as well in case I need to jump start my own car. Saved me at least twice when batteries just failed suddenly.

Anonymous said...

"Fix-a-Flat"--I keep 2 cans at all times!!!