Sunday, October 6, 2019

Mangrove Mysteries

It was obvious we weren't alone, Rusty and I, on a rare day off when I took him for a noon time walk. 
 As we approached the trail  I heard a loud splashing noise coming rhythmically from the mangroves. And I wasn't alone in noticing the noise. My chief security officer was on high alert. It sounded like an animal tramping through deep water.
We poked around for a while trying to find the source of the splashing noise and even after Rusty lost interest I kept looking trying to figure it out. I spot little flashes of silver so I was guessing it must have been a fish breaking the surface periodically.
But whether the fish was prey or hunter I couldn't tell. The nose of rhythmic splashing went on and n and eventually even I had to give up hope that Sasquatch would come plodding out of the mangroves.
 It was a lovely day but really hot and humid and I lost the desire to take Rusty into town. The breezes dried up on my day ff and left behind a blanket of hot wet air.
 Rusty wanted to walk, so walk we did, alongside the empty silent road.
Hurricane Irma in 2017 stripped many of the trees alongside the road and left them to die, leafless. Slowly the lower bushes are coming back but there are lots of dead and grey trunks and branches along the roadway.
Me, hot and bothered tempted into a selfie by the presence of a flat post at the end of the trail. No signs of Sasquatch behind me ready to pounce, either.

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