Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mallory Square

I rather liked this picture of a cruise ship at Margaritaville which I put through a  mild sepia filter.
And in black and white the modern ugly cruise ships gain a touch of old world elegance. 
Mallory Square during the day isn't what tourists see at sunset when everyone gathers to enjoy a spectacle. At the moment there is some refurbishing going on so it is rather utilitarian.
The views across the water happily don't change.

The Waterfront Playhouse has been offering performances of not much interest to me this year. I like dramas over musicals and the Red Barn has captured my attention. The location of this one actually on the waterfront isn't at all bad.
He takes time to sit and watch people, does Rusty:
By virtue of the fact that I enjoy walking around downtown I am become quite fond of the public toilets, even though this corner of Mallory Square isn't exactly picturesque. Sorry about that, but it is historic. 
I like the other views of popular attractions, pull back the curtain and here it is after hours...


Native Floridian said...

This is a televised Public Service Announcement in India produced by UNICEF.  Let's be thankful we have no need for such a PSA in America, where at least people don't defecate in public and if your example is taken as normal, even express their fondness for public toiletry!  After knowing that this "cartoon" needed to be made I AM NEVER, EVER GOING TO INDIA.

Conchscooter said...

I went to India as a child and saw people shitting at the curbs in the monsoon rains. Calcutta was a nightmare for a twelve year old. Burning bodies along the Ganges, picking up people who died in the night in ox carts and later in the day walking among the street dwellers in their shelters. Positively medieval and it left its mark on me when I was an adult and friends went to India for enlightenment training. I get whiffs of it when I sidestep street people in the US and wonder how a candidate for office can spend $600 million of his own money to no effect on the race or his bank balance...Had I authored the Ten Commandments they'd have looked nothing like the slabs Moses came up with.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who was a pilot for a charter airline. Whenever he flew into Calcutta with a group of tourists, he always took a jar of peanut butter and a box of crackers. He never got off the plane because of the filthy conditions. Always made provisions for food and beverages.