Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Key West Masked

If you like your winters warm Key West is living up to billing. There is no sign yet of cruise ships of course but the winter tourist season is in full swing, full at least in the pandemic ear we find ourselves living through.
Florida Keys
I took a masked lunch break downtown to remind myself of the sunny small town vibe I prefer to the rather grungy grayness of the big city Up North on our recent van trip.
Key West Downtown
Sloppy Joe's, the iconic bar has instituted a one way system with the way in on Duval Street and the doors on Greene Street functioning as well marked exits.
Duval Street Florida Keys
Masks are required outdoors, as are cell phones you would think. I was enjoying the sunshine and the blue skies more than my phone screen. 
Warm enough to discard a mask to drink while walking topless no less:
The scattered family approach on Greene Street:
Eating and walking, proving anyone can multi task.
Socially distanced bars.
Paying to park ( a car I hope; not the bicycle). 



Anonymous said...

Hmm, looks rather “unmasked” to me. We are rolling back our openings up here in MD; clearly allowing dining- and drinking-in was a mistake. ☹️

Conchscooter said...

I think so too but at this stage all I can figure is to look after ourselves and let those who want to take the risks to take them. I feel bad for the nurses and medical staff who have to try to save them from themselves. I am counting on a secure effective vaccine to get us out of this mess because we seem unable to help ourselves. I can't help but think we'd have made a royal dog's dinner of world war two had we been asked to make sacrifices to win that conflagration.

Don said...

I love Key West but it does look like most of your visitors are idiots! We celebrated our honeymoon in Key West way back when. Maybe we'll be back for our 40th. I can hope! Stay safe & keep wearing that mask.