Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Birds

Florida Keys

I wasn't expecting to see flocks of birds when we got out of the car, Rusty and I. You take what you find.
West Summerland Key
Winter is when the birds are enjoying the mild climate, just like the people. 
Florida Keys
I kept seeing more of them and I kept pointing my camera at them.
I am not by any stretch devoted to wildlife photography, but I do like to record daily life as it happens.
Florida Keys
Bird photographers spend thousands on massive lenses and top of the line camera bodies on tripods.
Florida Keys
My camera has a long lens but I can't be bothered to use a tripod and all the rest of it. I like the birds.
Florida Keys
But I really like how the birds give me a focus to record the keys just looking colorful and good.
Look at the horizon line, the low tide pushing up the brown rocks and the white egrets flying together.
In the picture below the unremarkable flight is hovering above a white ghost - Fat Albert ten miles away.
Not a bird but a mural previously shown on this page. I still like it.
There is a bird in there, down low over the water, possibly a pelican flying into the sunrise.
Old Bahia Honda Bridge
Pelicans flying low:

A lovely morning away from work and enjoying the flight. Not alone.
West Summerland Key

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Dave said...

That last picture is an awfully big bird! I think its a Canusrustiusbarkus. Lol. Great pictures as usual!