Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Off The Hook

Snowy grouper they called the special which my wife and I both ordered for dinner. As good as it looks.
Off the Hook was a favorite before the pandemic and they are still here on Caroline Street with outdoor seating as good as ever for us vaccinated scaredy cats. It was a good meal in good company.
I dislike being the one with the camera so Ed (director) and Marilyn (producer) obliged by exchanging shots over the outdoor table.
Marilyn says the pizza at Off the Hook is the best she's ever had and I had some and it really was good, not salty, crisp and not overloaded. 
I was surprised to see dog bowls and even a  fenced dog area behind the musician's dais with a  fire hydrant and seating for humans. A waiter came out with a bone and our neighbor dug in under his table.
Gosh, I spent the evening feeling guilty for leaving Rusty at home...
The music covers happy hour and ends at seven pm so our fears of not being able to hear each other were exaggerated. It was a very pleasant evening.
And we did the right thing.
Summer dusk cooled by the usual June breeze. It was the perfect evening to eat outside and I mentioned I was surprised to see the snowbirds at our table still in town. They have learned to enjoy early summer in Key West thanks to the pandemic they said. It's nicer than Baltimore.
One gets the feeling that is a new perception of people used to feeling the great heat wave every Easter. Our secret is out. We had  Key Lime ice cream wedged between Snickerdoodle cookies to compensate.
Off the Hook, off the charts. Great service, on point and not intrusive and I really like their Founders All Day IPA a beer with character but without the bitterness of high alcohol beers brewed for people who claim to enjoy bitter beers. I am related to a few of them and I am held in disrepute for preferring beer below 5%. Off the Hook caters to me thank goodness. 


Anonymous said...

Ah Founders, a Michigan brewed ale. There is your new excuse to getting back to my great state!

Garythetourist said...

Yep, gotta agree. The girls took me to Off the Hook for an early Father's Day celebration, Mary Beth got a gluten free lobster pizza and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted. Barbara and I ended up with more complex dishes but we both felt like MB had the best dish of the night.

Conchscooter said...

I’m glad you liked it. I should have known founders was from Michigan

Native Floridian said...


A year or 2 or 3 back you mentioned that your wife had suggested a 'lodge' in KW to some friends of yours, and stated that it was one of the less expensive NICE places to stay. I'm left remembering that it had 26 rooms, was 2 stories and had a small pool located in the center of the property. At that time the rooms, IIRC were like $120. Does my description ring a bell with you?

Thanks, Matt

Native Floridian said...

I'm about 98% certain it was Eden House.