Thursday, July 29, 2021

Casa Marina

Casa Marina is the area of Key West, not usually well defined, that surrounds the Casa Marina Resort, hence the name. The hotel was a destination built by Henry Flagler's railroad company to give passengers  a place to stay at the end of the line, unless they were taking a ferry to Cuba. Usually the hotel is displayed from the front with all it's pomp but I as usual had other plans on my lunch break.
The hotel has a great long beach front, long by Key West standards, as do all the big hotels. Guests like to feel they are having a proper seaside vacation. The back of the hotel is less glamorous:
The public access to the little beach has been closed off by an attractive chunk of cement...
....and some cardboard and ever useful duct tape! In retrospect I wish I had tried to pick up the cement, maybe it was a Hollywood prop made of Styrofoam! I have no idea what this is all about:
You never know when you walk Key West what kind of buildings you may find and this administrative and employee housing structures behind the Casa Marina are an example of random faded beauties:
And the modern structures "in the Key West style" across the street:

And always, wherever you are you need never be too far from an ocean glimpse:
At Seminole and Alberta.


Native Floridian said...

New breed discovered... Florida Swamp Dog!!!

Conchscooter said...

People worry as much about alligators in Florida as visitors worry about bears in Alaska. Alligators and crocs don't bother me near as much as bears which are actual predators in cute looking fur. That we will be buying bear spray and never bought alligator protection makes that clear.

Native Floridian said...

True. Alligators/Crocs are the "devils we know," since I grew up here.
By happenstance this was in my Yahoo feed today:
The July 27th, 2021 fatal bear attack in Russia's Ergaki national park proves yet again:
You don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than the slowest person who's with you!
"...but one man, Yevenggny Starkov, 42, lagged behind." (yep... he became part of a bear's balanced diet)