Saturday, October 16, 2021

Key Plaza Walk

Layne had to see the dermatologist for a check up and I had a dog to walk near the doctor's office on Kennedy Drive.

Another generator lifted well above high tide level and hopefully above flood level the next time it should be necessary.

I am very grateful we had a nice quiet hurricane season this year, even though technically the season runs all the way through the month of November, and December storms aren't unknown. 

Above we see the new Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority headquarters which I'm willing to bet has been built to withstand 155 mph winds. Thats the required standard in this era of instant intense storms, rising floodwaters and things projected to get worse not better.

I had wondered of my old age might not play out here in the Housing Authority's Senior Citizen Plaza. One of the cool things is Station Three is across the street and I could dispatch Rescue Three in 90 seconds when there was an emergency call from this building. Glad I don't have to do that anymore. 

I got used to the calls from residents with a few cognitive issues, reassuring them about their "stolen car" or wandering into the wrong apartment and freaking out the proper resident. The staff I spoke with were caring and kind and I got a good feeling about growing old in that place. Key West is surprisingly gentle and thoughtful with those in need. 

It's that part of Key West off the beaten track, The tourists run down North Roosevelt half a mile away, and they're all intent on racing to the bars on Duval Street. Quiet Key West keeps on rolling out here away from it all.

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