Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Sally Army

My wife got a call this morning from some hopeful who had noticed a previous posting for a piece of furniture for sale. Too late, you'll find it at the Big Pine Salvation Army store on the Overseas Highway.

It was a still, hot sweaty day but they worked like...I was going to say dogs but as we'll see Rusty did nothing to help. He slept in the back of the van that I had moved out of the way to get the furniture truck backed up to the stairs.
They said the weather was good for them, no sun blasting death rays on them out of a clear blue sky, reducing them to pools of sweat. They liked the gray still overcast with a slight breeze to help them climb the stairs up and down. I've done it a good few times in the process of moving stuff out. There are seventeen steps and they get tiring by the end of a long day.
They swept up the house leaving us sitting on garden furniture with a rater startled dog sleeping on his usual beds no longer surrounded by the furniture he was used to. I felt bad for him as he stared puzzled at the empty space where his couch used to be.
He's starting to get a bit anxious so I have the pleasure of reassuring him when his nerves get the better of him. I never leave him at home these days and he comes everywhere I go tying up loose ends.
We have until the end of the month to leave but Monday is our target day to leave. The funny thing is we can't move aboard Gannet 2 at the moment because our mobile home is also our garbage scow! The few odds and ends left by the Sally Army sweep will be rolled up and loaded onto our bed and hauled three miles to the dump on the other side of Cudjoe.
Small stuff goes in the trash cans but large stuff will get hauled to the dump Monday morning and with the van restored to its proper function, the journey will begin. We signed off on the removal, slipped them some cash for there work and stood on the deck to say goodbye. My mind started wandering as I looked out across the expanse of sheet metal that constituted the one piece roof of the furniture van. Hmm, I said to Layne, we could make a pretty comfortable cottage in there when we get tired of driving foreign dirt. Lots of room for solar panels and we could have a fixed bed and a couch on there. I started speculating idly on the McMansion possibilities. Layne liked the idea of the tailgate as a folding sunset deck. The delivery guys laughed at us, with us perhaps as we turned their tool into a vacation home in our minds.
I jest, and at this point Rusty is starting to treat the van as his home so we are all set. Offload the leftovers, fill up the tank and off to the Great Unknown. 
Rusty practicing for life on the road as a houseless van dweller.

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