Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Green Cove Springs

Green Cove Springs is the county seat of Clay County, and is now my county of residence. Reasonably enough Florida Blue wanted me to start my new health plan with a check up and my original plans to stop by when we were closer came to naught. So I left Pensacola with Rusty and drove across the state. After Tallahassee we stopped at a rest area and in the morning I got up to the sounds of Rusty snoring sonorously next to me which deep sleep I had to interrupt. I had an appointment. 

Compared to sailing, this van life stuff is dead easy. You have your home yes, but in a package the size of a car. Need something? Stop and shop. See something? Stop and make a picture! Want a shower? Well there it is at the Truck Stop! On a 45 degree morning it was very nice and there was no line despite the lot being full of trucks. I was the only one wearing a mask. I was probably the only person in the store who’s ever been on a ventilator. 

The drive along back roads to Green Cove Springs was a pleasure, shadows falling across the road from the sun still low in the sky, miles of green fields and woods, traffic not too heavy and not pushy. It was relaxing.

I arrived early walked Rusty and sat in the waiting room by myself filling out pages and pages of paperwork. Pregnant? Not in this life I wrote. I got everything done, including giving blood for more health checks, and finally I could break my fast with ham cheese and tea. There was a park marked on the map nearby on the shore of the St John's River.

I got a library card which to me is the fundamental step in being civilized.

I collected mail from our mailing service which also gives us their address to use. Nothing good to be received no doubt! Little windows on the envelopes. However I did learn my Obamacare is enjoying the full subsidy and I pay $240 a month for my coverage. Half the expected rate. Cool. Thank you Obama. Finally get to thank him for something. 

Rusty was anxious traveling with just me which you wouldn't describe as a vote of confidence I suppose and I couldn't tell him we were headed back whence we came so I did the next best think and took him for a walk.

Fresh water, the St John's is a long navigable waterway almost all the way to Kissimmee in the middle of the state. You can rent houseboats to spend time on the water.

Federal Highway 17 runs along the river and is the main drag through the town with huge government buildings lining the street.

It's a different Florida here and its fun to check it out.

Rusty got interested as we headed toward another little park I had seen. Four miles of trails through the woods.

Toilet, a bicycle repair stand with a paved path for bicycles to enjoy, alongside walkers and dogs.

Therese needs our help in Pensacola for a few days so our departure is delayed. It actually feels good to be able to give back instead of just moochdocking.  

We're both ready to be on the road training Rusty the van dog(!) to enjoy a new routine but to help. friend and to have the time and the open schedule to be able to overstay is a rich new dimension in our lives.

Risotto and a bottle of Sancerre greeted the prodigal van driver after two days away. I was shattered as I think the tetanus shot took a greater toll than I had anticipated. I felt like I was having a Moderna booster. So many needles, so little time!

I trust we will be away to Texas by the weekend but I am learning a new skill: patience.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully Florida will remain in the capable hands of Republican governance for the foreseeable future and remain the object of your admiration. Added bonus is a COVID rate at a small fraction of most locked down fear mongering Northern states. Safe travels!

Bruce and Celia said...

A new skill called Patience? Mmmm... you may have to do a little more work on that! :)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy the (mostly) politics free vibe of the blog but I can't stand misinformation so, just for the record...

Florida is:

#15 in total per capita COVID cases
#7 in total per capita COVID deaths

We've had a good run these past 30 or so days but, overall, Floridians have suffered a terrible toll. It's important not to minimize that for political purposes, IMO. We've lost over 60K Floridians.

Safe travels.

Conchscooter said...

I completely agree. However lately these deaths, jammed hospitals and ghastly statistics are entirely preventable. Get the fucking jab. That is all. For the rest Florida is a surprisingly well run state. Even when it was run by Democrats they were middle of the road and despite the joke status of the Sunshine State Florida has decent infrastructure, solid opposition to off shore drilling and if Republicans weren't led by a middle of the road governor with presidential aspirations that would continue.
Ron DeSantis's Covid policies which have contributed to the appalling statistics are driven by his desire to appeal to nationwide Trump supporters (not necessarily Republicans) by sacrificing his population to his ambition. I find that unforgivable.