Monday, February 21, 2011

Veterans Sunrise

With a long weekend off, Saturday through Monday, I just about got used to waking up early and last Monday morning as my wife got her stuff wearily together for another fun week in the trenches of her classroom I took the dog off to Veteran's Park for a sniff and a picture or two.Summer tourists flock to Veteran's Park on the south side of Highway One at the southern end of the Seven Mile Bridge because the waters are shallow and the wading or swimming is easy. This time of year in the wake of a cold front the waters are rather cool for swimming at dawn and Cheyenne and I had the place to ourselves. Three cars came and went in the hour we were there but none of the occupants got out, preferring to sit and admire the view through their windshields.The tide was out and with a full moon coming up there was a fair bit of normally submerged beach exposed. As the sun made it's way up the colors changed and I stood there entranced. Above, the spoil islands created by Flagler's dredging to build the Seven Mile Bridge. Below the view west past Veteran's Park.
My pocket camera makes picture taking far too easy.I've always wanted to be twenty feet tall. It was not until I came to the US that I discovered that being 5'6" (168cms) is considered short. It's a useful height to be if one wants to live on a boat.Looking east toward Marathon.So, why do they call these red mangroves? Are the roots red enough?Cheyenne is delicately picking her way across some of that rare Keys sand. This looks like a sandy beach to me but for people expecting the sort of beaches you find on mainland Florida this sort of meagre beach is bound to prove a disappointment.Highway One is never far away.
Cheyenne was not quite sure she wanted to lay down in the water but she gave it the old college try.It was a delightful morning.
By the time we left the sun was fully up and the day was bathed in orange. Where this guy was going or coming from on the Bahia Honda Bridge I couldn't say.I hoped he was enjoying the morning as much as I was. This weekend is my long weekend at work, Saturday night through Tuesday morning, so when the sun is at this angle this weekend, I'm asleep.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots!

I'll be back in town Tuesday evening; are you going to be around one afternoon this week? I need a ride to clear my head...

Chuck on Fleming

cpa3485 said...

I concur about the nice pictures. Looks like another wonderful morning in paradise.

combustibleturnip said...

The man in the photo could be a hiker on the Florida Trail, which traverses the state. Or maybe not. Great shots, as usual.

judi said...

Beautiful pictures...........woke up to 8 inches of snow here.:o(

Anonymous said...

Some of the best pics ever..!!! Well done...!!!!

Buffalo Bill

Conchscooter said...

It is easy tot ake pictures in the Keys. It really is.

Unknown said...

I grew up in Minnesota, so saying that it's a bit cold to swim in the morning... in February, is somewhat comical. However, I do understand the lack of sandy beaches. Probably not a lot of bass down there, though.

Those early views of the sun also spark something new in me - a possible reason to want to roll out of bed in the morning instead of waiting for noon. Too many mountains here for that kind of view, and in Minnesota, well, there is a steel veil that covers the world for roughly six months out of the year.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

The Florida Blogger said...

I'm an odd bird and have found the sunrise in KW to be better than the sunsets.