Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cudjoe Key

I believe this bird with the pink beak and brown feathers is a juvenile white ibis. When they mature they become all white, like humans I guess, I reflect ruefully considering the color of my beard. The ibis and my camera faced off while Cheyenne got busy in the bushes. The idea that my Yellow Labrador would frighten wildlife is rather ludicrous when you have seen her in action, or lack thereof. Key Deer mosey up to her as she clears up some nourishing debris and she ignores them completely. This guy shambling down the shoulder of Highway One steered a wide course on his journey to I don't know where.I was put in mind of the lobster pots (craw fish pots if you're from Maine) when I saw this elaborately decorated mailbox. I think letter carriers are the most patient people on earth when I consider all the permutations on Inspector general Approved mailboxes. Garythetourist likes cloudscapes so here's another one. There are a fair number of homes for sale around the islands and quite a few are by owner. I guess it makes sense to try to sell a place and save the costs of the commission but in these times I believe more than ever a professional realtor who knows their business can give sensible advice. A lot of people think their homes are worth 2005 prices.Maybe they are. I'd like to see higher house prices but I bet in a year from now they will be lower than they are today. It's hard to imagine banks will suddenly start lending their hoarded taxpayer monies to the public to buy houses. And the homes they have foreclose don are being sold at land sale prices to speculators with cash, so the free markets, it seems to me, dictate even more screwing of the middle classes.On that happy note I must say I liked the shape of this house as unusual as it is. I'm not sure I'm cut out for life in a roundhouse.Spanish Main, pointing south across Cudjoe Key.


Jeff Wade said...

One day there may be two classes. The Very Upper and the Very Lower/Middle. The In Betweens will economically disappear. Unless of course they refrain from being brainwashed and start a revolution. I don't like their chances against the US military though. As long as enough people have just enough credit to play the game, they will probably just roll over and continue as is.

If I had the spare cabbage which I do not, I'd buy a tucked away place somewhere down there that was for sale, as a getaway. Unfortunately I'm up here getting gouged at the pumps (now $1.36 PER LITRE), paying huge markups on US dollar bought goods at Canadian retailers (strong C$), and it's the same up here. People just keep ho-humming along because the bank said they can have a credit line or some other credit card showed up in the mail pre-approved.

That was a nice cloudscape! Got up to the 21C here today(east of Toronto), after winter coats and hats yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the For Sale By Owner comment. They're known as FIZBO's in the trade, and they're usually priced waay over market.

There's a way to back-check this:

It's not always correct - but in many instances, more accurate than an owner's asking price.

ever the analyst,

Chuck on Fleming.

Conchscooter said...

Dear Jeff I fear the Canadian bubble has to burst sooner or later with horrid consequences. Where canada I believe will do better than the US is that there is more social cohesion north of the 49th parallel. Here there is racism (birthers) christian nutters(damn the economy and maintain purity) and widespread loss of faith in the dyingAmerican Dream which produces road rage across all aspects of daily living. I'd like to think that in the coming collapse canadians will drown with more dignity than americans.
Chuck. I miss you. riepe is coming back mentally but you are still in guam. your place looks empty.

Anonymous said...

I will be back in a few short days.

Chuck on Fleming.

Garythetourist said...

Hi C.S.,
Thanks for the cloudscape. It makes me happy and I am also happy for riepe who has, for so long, been asking you for photos from Key West of large, full, white, pendulous swinging masses. Surely a lovely cloudscape is what he had in mind; don't you think?