Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JR Motorsports

I saw this four cylinder Kawasaki KZ750 probably from the 1980s and the words Universal Japanese Motorcycle popped into my mind. I was over at Jiri's motorcycle repair shop on Laurel Avenue, Stock Island just to pay a visit and I was looking for bikes to photograph.Jiri's new assistant was organizing the next repair when my eye fell on this R100S by BMW in a shade of purple my wife would approve. When I was a youngster I rode motorcycles as my only wheels and a BMW with shaft drive and easy maintenance with secure luggage and a reputation for longevity was what I wanted...but could never afford. These machines still look good to me even though many boy racers think they are staid. I have more miles on my 2007 Bonneville but at least this machine has been ridden a bit. My romantic view of elderly BMWs got a re-write in the excellent English website called Real Classics. I like the symmetry of the design, the sensible large tank and proper motorcycle proportions. Had it been a fully faired R100RS I'd have passed out... My next appointment with Jiri will be in a couple of thousand miles or sooner when my rear tire will need replacement and the bike will get it's 12,000 mile valve check, air filter change and cables lubricated and carburettors balanced. With 50,100 miles on the clock I am slightly off the Triumph schedule of every 12,000 miles plus 2,000 for the initial service but the bike is running perfectly so I am happy in all respects. Happy too to have Jiri at my doorstep. Here's another essay I wrote about towing my Bonneville with a flat tire to Jiri's shop:


fxrguy said...

I grew up on old British and Japanese bikes back in the 60's and 70's. From a Honda Trail 90, CB60 and 305 Superhawk (which I always considered my first real street bike)to a 900 Z1 black motor Kawasaki when I got out of the Navy in 73.Hell I even had and old triumph Bonneville back in something like 66 or 67. The BMW R100 is a classic! Rode a lot of miles in south Texas with an old friend who had one. He's passed away now but the memories will always be there. God bless motorcycles!

Conchscooter said...

I would never have had the nerve to ride a Z1. The superhawk was more my speed with the performance of a bike twice the size.

Anonymous said...

I've ridden the Z1 and the SuperHawk - both were excellent rides in their own respect. the Z1 was a twist-and-hang-on ride; the 'Hawk was more of a wind it tight sort of ride.

You have become a posting MACHINE!

Keep it up...start looking for the agent!

Chuck on Fleming.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Wow, mini-posts here and there. Change is inevitable. I don't prefer Reipe's 1000 word essays, but I liked your old format. Is the end goal to attract search engines to get advertising impressions and click thrus? There is a certain way to embed keywords into your posts for SEO as well.

fxrguy said...

Nerve didn't have much to do with it. I was young, dumb and convinced of my immortality. These days I prefer a A Road King. Slow and comfortable but still in the wind and fun enough.