Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Serious Profession

We sat around and talked late into the night a couple of nights ago and as I listened with some amusement to the latest school district drama I snapped a few photos. To be a teacher is to be a target these days. The people in charge announce piously that they want to streamline administration and do better by the teachers but they never do. The people that set budgets never cut their own salaries and they like to add burdens to the teaching staff. This next year classes have been restructured to require more teaching time and no overtime pay will be allowed. Lisa teaches at Key West High School and as smart as she is it takes plenty of work to put together teaching plans. The Key West school district needs to shave something like 10 million dollars form an 80 million dollar budget and the cuts are going to cause widespread headaches. Cheyenne was unmoved by the plight of the schools. Josh is a science teacher and he too runs a tight ship. He is teaching kids all about bio fuels http://kwaec.blogspot.com/ and their blog is worth a look.At last report the School Board is working on approval for teacher cuts and program cuts and along the way some education cuts and morale cuts. As I sat there and listened to my wife and her teacher colleagues discussing their futures, protected by seniority, I wondered who it is that will benefit by an even less well educated future generation. Perhaps all our kids can be drone operators blowing up other countries.


SalParadise said...

Hi Conch,

Well this is how the politicians convince their corporate donors that they will do absolutely anything for the money

Teachers are just pawns in this.

Conchscooter said...

The IMF says China will have a larger economy than the US by 2016. It all makes sense. why will we need teaches when it's our turn to make rubber toys for the chinese?

Danette said...

China already has a larger economy than we do. And if we underfund our schools we can privatize them and put more public money in the hands of the wealthy like they did in New Orleans after Katrina. If you read some of the articles on what happened to the schools there from Naomi Klein you see a master plan for what they want to do all over the U.S. But no one pays any attention and think it's all just random. I'll repost it on my political blog today in case you want to read it.

Of course you know that everything is getting better. What are we all worried about? Maurice is without a job due to budget cuts. Layne is losing supplements, my son's teachers will teach next year without pay for a certain number of days because our dear esteemed gov has cut 130 bill from the school budget... it's all good. America is in good shape. Nothing to look at folks, move along. It doesn't matter if our young folk can read. Pa-shaw! They can pick that up on the computer.

Anonymous said...

An eye opening book about what's going in education today is by Diane Ravitch, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education.