Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life of Brian

While Cheyenne and I were breakfasting at Anne's Beach last Thursday morning we were invaded and at first it didn't look good. Two adults, a child and two Labradors carefully leashed came striding down the waterfront boardwalk. Frequently I find encounters with other dog owners to be encounters with people who worry about their dogs far too much. Left to their own devices dogs find their natural place in the pack and adapt easily and quickly to each other's company. Would that people could do the same...When the spare adult and child had walked on by the owner of the dogs, not affiliated with other humans present, let go his hounds and I thought to myself he can't be all bad. It turns out Brian was all good.Let me list the ways: he rescued his dogs, one found wandering the streets of Key West completely abandoned, and the other from the pound where he worked as a volunteer helper and dog walker. A Good Man.The dogs circled and sniffed and Cheyenne sat down as close to me as she could get; she is still not sure I might not prefer another dog and we talked briefly. Brian left Key West for the Upper Keys in search of an easier life of less expense but clearly he wouldn't mind a return to the Rock and I for one can't blame him. The Florida Keys to an outsider may look like an amalgam of similarities but each island has it's own character and Key West's is unique among them all. Which is why it is expensive, naturally, especially for a single person. With Molly and Missie in tow.We talked allergies and Brian told me he had a trick for goopy ear which affects a lot of dogs in this hot humid climate. The vet told him, as I was also told it is pretty much permanent. He said he cured his problem with delicate application of Q tips day after day, a little at a time and his dog no longer scratches her ear. Cheyenne is not thrilled by this plan but in some weird way I trust this stranger's advice. He also told me of snake bites Missie got which left a large lump on her neck. Application of Benadryl cured her feverish symptoms- I think it was a pygmy rattler-but the bite left a lump especially after Missie went back to the same spot to teach the snake a lesson and got a second bite for her troubles. Brian is no control freak when it comes to dogs. I rather liked that about him as I feel the same way and like to let Cheyenne find her own way as much as she can.I learned a lot from our brief encounter. I hope he moves back to Key West, I'd like to meet him at the Higgs Beach dog park.

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