Friday, June 24, 2011

Key West Aquarium

It's a popular spot the refurbished Key West aquarium and I've heard from lots of people how fun this place is. School's out so the little dears are now sticking their hands in...
...and the petting pool looked quite popular.Sharks are a crowd pleaser, as long as they dead or stuffed or mounted or safely tucked away where they can't hurt people. In reality we are much more likely to hurt them than they are us. They are after all getting to be endangered and we humans are not. The walls of the aquarium are lined with a multitude of tanks.I felt sorry for the big creatures stuck in small tanks circling endlessly. watching the big rays flap as they tried to jump out of the water made me sad. I've seen them do it in the open ocean and they are magnificent.For smaller fish I suppose it's not so bad, though I am no fan of caging living things.The big statues hanging from the ceiling feed one's fantastic fears of sharks. I get out of the water when I'm snorkeling and see a shark, I'm not keen to deal with them mano a mano, but equally I don't swim at night, I don't drag dead fish around on a spear and I've never had a problem.The sharks that were crowded into a pool fascinated the boy scouts. I like the look of the invasive lion fish stuck safely in a tank. these things were the usual product of idiots moving exotic predators out of their natural habitat for profit and now they infest our waters and tear up the sea life in a most unnatural way. Their spines are poisonous though not close to fatal for humans, their meat is said to be delicious and divers hold contests from time to time in an effort to cull them from the reef."That has beautiful blue eyes," said Wayne. Beautiful? I'm not so sure, and neither can you be from this crappy photograph. It is quite the indoor attraction.But they also have outdoor tanks.
As you can see this place overlooks the Key West harbor so the location is quite lovely.But it's also work. This is not a fish as it happens but someone doing the gross work of cleaning.I was not alone in the quixotic effort to record the fish on pixels.This is a place worth taking away some memories, if you like fish.

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