Monday, July 18, 2011

Isola Del Giglio Part Four

From the southern part of the ridge we rode back to Giglio Castello on the north end of the hilly part of the island. There the road to the sea in both directions is relatively wide if windy with lots of tight hairpins. While Castello is an aerie on the top of the island...

...the village at the bottom of the wide main road down to the sea on the west side...

... is the sole official sandy swimming beach at Giglio Campese.

And unfortunately it is nothing more than a dreary little Italian beach town. Giovanni enjoyed his afternoon here, lounging in a rented chair, getting pizza delivered to him and swimming as he liked, while we explored.

We fled back over the hill to the port, in time for the afternoon stroll before the ferry was ready to leave.

Then they let us on, and we were pretty much gone.

The five fifteen ferry was quite full with lots of tired day trippers and what appeared to be commuters heading home to cheaper quarters on the mainland.

And then we faced a two hour haul back across country to Terni with one last look back at the sea we left behind.

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