Monday, July 18, 2011

Isola Del Giglio Part Three

After our splendid lunch at La Porta at Giglio Castello, (check out the restaurant decor just on the toilet doors above...) We took a walk round the twelfth century village.

And around one corner we came across this artisan beavering away making straw boats.

He uses juniper bushes, ginepri and dries the branches two ways, some in the sun that take a yellow hue and others in the shade that take a green hue.

He grinned wildly as I took his picture and sold us a boat for a modest five Euros, eight bucks. Not everyone works hard on Giglio.

Then we took off riding, though this wasn't high speed touring. It was a struggle to find enough road to get into second gear...

There is just one road that follows the top of the ridge south from Giglio Castello, it's about five miles long, paved, and is totally isolated with no homes. This part of the island is a national park, with no signs and no facilities but splendid views.

The speed limit was forty kilometers per hour, just 25mph, and tough to get up to on this winding narrow road.

Even though it was nicely paved.

The national park has trails in the woods...

...and across the open scrub land.

While there are no homes there are vineyards on the slopes.

We met two cars zipping out, luckily where I could pull over but after that we were completely alone.

Layne has no head for heights but she admitted to enjoying the ride into the Giglio Wildeness.

And then it was back to Giglio Castello and the last part of our exploration of this diminutive island that we managed to make seem so big.

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