Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Alley

I frequently hear much lamentation about parking inOld Town and in winter it does get tight so if you plan to park and not walk any distance at all to your destination you might need to think again. I find the old city hall parking lot on Simonton at Angela to be quite useful when I'm in town in the car. You can use cash or a credit card at the meter machine and for a buck and a half more or less you have solved your parking issues.

Best of all there are a couple of alleys that take you in different directions toward excitement and fun. The short alley cuts through Bank of America to Southard Street. The long alley is a source of wonder and delight for any dog with half a nose. Ask Cheyenne.

Graffiti with flair. And barely used beer cups for passersby with the DTs.

A young woman in an excessively short skirt stumped passed us as we ambled. I had pulled over to let her by as she was tailgating me on Simonton and seemed like she was in a rush. I got to the parking space well before she did. Youth before wisdom...

Rudy Molinet has his office here. I've met him a few times and he seems like a nice guy. Besides which he writes occasional commentaries in the Citizen extolling the virtues of gay rights. In the rest of Florida such worthy sentiments fall on deaf ears. Happily we live in Key West.

If you like a decent wrap this is the place. They have more wraps than you can shake a stick at. Plus Lobos has a nice shady deck to eat on.

Someone has been in the habit of feeding the pigeons. As usual Cheyenne was perfect and went about minding her own business while they squabbled over breakfast with a chicken.

I've never heard of this place but the menu looked different. A quick glance showed some fruity nouvelle tropical style dishes. I think this place used to called Opera serving Italian.

Across the alley there lurks an oldie but goody.

Which also Faces Duval Street.

I am quite fond of alleys and this one works very well for me.

It looked empty but that didn't last long. Key West's finest penetrate every corner of the city, even on foot patrol.

Bicycle Officer KA and Officer Loman say hi. I'm glad someone enjoys working day shift.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I ride my BSA to the backside of that alley, park in the shade of a large tree, and walk over to see Gary at Moe's Barber and Gun shop adjacent Lobo's.

Gary's got the right idea, for hair grows in good times and bad, whether you're rich or your poor. As long as one may stand upright, see reasonably well and retain the use of one's hands, one may cut hair.

Gary's 76 and figures he's got another 10 years left in him. I sure hope so, as a barber/gun shop is as small town as it gets!

That reminds me - I need a haircut.