Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lower Keys In Black And White

The day looked gray and bleak under the overcast and it occurred to me I was walking my dog in a daguerreotype print so I set my camera on the sepia setting and confirmed my feeling.

Even photographing in color made the picture looked black and white under November looking skies.

Then I saw the bright blue building that belongs to the state Road Prison off Key Deer Boulevard. That made a splash of color oddly enough.

Last weekend I was working so I missed the battle of the bars at Schooner Wharf, a silly but amusing series of challenges between various bartenders who race each other to perform take like serving drinks and rolling kegs. I would have liked to have been able to go but they will do it again next summer.

When the clouds roll in and the rain follows it looks like winter around here, bleak and gloomy. However the crazy weekend stunts are designed to lure tourists to Key West during the slow time of year. Next weekend apparently the themselves is Captain Tony, the late reprobate of bar fame.

It's just another way of seeking out some color in rainy season.

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