Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Water Dog

It is a never ending source of confusion when people find out that Cheyenne doesn't swim. Labradors were bred to swim and retrieve ducks in swamps, but Cheyenne was never show on how. It's not she doesn't like water.

A mangrove infused pool is a thing of joy for her. However she is on the whole a land dog.

She spent eight long years with a family that didn't treat her very well from what I can gather and aside from breeding her and possibly using her as a jogging tool she was not a family integrated dog.

She is now. And in winter she spends a lot of time hunting for water holes with water in them, which are hard to find in the dry season. But in summer when she really needs to cool off water holes abound.

I take great pleasure from Cheyenne's joy and I would no more forbid her from dunking herself in the water than I would tie her up on a chain.

I get comments when she does this sort of thing in front of God and Everybody, to the effect that I have a dirty dog. Indeed and that was why God invented towels.

And why I carry a towel in my car.

She may not know how to swim, and she may be too scared to step out of her depth even with me supporting her in salt water, but in her own way Cheyenne has not completely lost her heritage as a water loving Labrador. And I am not sending her back to the pound, no matter how muddy she gets.

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