Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lucky Break On Plantation Key

I must have driven past this delightful park half a hundred times and never noticed it. Yet, here it is whether I know about it or not.

It was actually Chuck who was in the car with me who spotted it. We had an appointment with my wife at Coral Shores school and we arrived early so we figured we could either eat greasy food at Craig's (yum) or take the dog for a walk (boo hiss). We pulled off the highway just south of this familiar shed of a landmark at Tavernier Creek.

Underneath the camber of the highway is a wooded open space with very inviting shaded trails. I was amazed.

It also has a dedication as a child's memorial garden with trees purchased in their memory.

It seems to have a surprisingly large number of memorials...

...scattered through the park.

I am not fond of these statues, below, which hearken to a previous and rather less tolerant era, but shown in this way it gains a different, and poignant interpretation.

We arrived to meet not only an old friend much to my surprise but to a small child, it's mother and their unfortunate puppy, clearly not a dog saved from the pound and now condemned to a life of torture with the rather unpleasant and dominant child.

Brian, who I last met at Anne's Beach at the beginning of summer has two happy Labrador foundlings and we walked and talked as the dogs trotted around.

Cheyenne got cornered by the brat and,shades of her previous life I think, put up with the not gentle attention.

The child, walking behind Brian and I, threw a stick at my head which hit me a glancing and startling blow across the ear and cheek. His mother dealt with him suddenly and I hope, for his long term health, effectively. I restrained myself, much to my own surprise. To be child free is an enormous liberation I find as I grow older.

There were also signs of that other notorious Keys
pest noted by the presence of these in bizarre tin hats, which Brian identified as iguana stoppers. I need one around my entire house and garden.

"Why don't we have kayak only launch ramps in the Lower Keys?" Chuck asked plaintively, as he wants to get back into paddling. Because, I wanted to reply we in the Lower Keys have the initiative to drop our kayaks off seawalls or to launch them from regular ramps. But I didn't because I love Chuck dearly.

Cheyenne had had enough of the 95 degree morning so while I took a few extra pictures when we were left alone, she took her ease in the shade of these magnificent trees which might have been tamarinds had I been better educated.

Chuck meanwhile locked himself in the Ford Fusion with my wife and took himself off to Miami. My wife might possibly have been a bit tense as she feared being late for her Miami doctor 's appointment and I mentally wished Chuck well.

Had I been driving all would have been fine as I never miss her appointments, I know better than to risk it. My excuse for taking her car home? I was working that night in Key West. What you might call a lucky break.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

That child needs a spanking. I will do all in my power mine never grows to act that way.

Conchscooter said...

The world is getting away from us all. The mother did her best poor thing.