Friday, August 26, 2011

Flood Season

You might think this is some place in the distant Mid West or Virginia or Delaware or somewhere getting hammered by Mother Nature this wild weather year. Nope, this is the quiet old backwater known as the Florida Keys, land of the world's best mild weather.

These are side streets on Ramrod Key and this is rainy season with a very high tide around the new moon, so it should come as no surprise that there'd is some flooding. Just lately it's been getting quite wet on the ground.

The main paved roads are raised enough not to flood, and even the City of Key West is trying to organize it's storm drains to keep streets flood-free when it's raining hard. Highway One is not affected by flooding, just so we're clear and driving between islands is a completely dry affair.

This is not snake country because this sort of flooding isn't unusual, and for a snake to live in these watery islands would be a feat of endurance hard to imagine.

There isn't much to choose between natural disasters but flooding is a dreadful way to wreck homes with the consequent mud and mold, which makes me glad I live in a stilt house - just in case.

As folks Up North get ready to deal with excessive rain and floods and misery it's not surprising to find oneself contemplating the irony of life when we in the unprotected Keys are enjoying a lovely breezy, low humidity summer, relatively speaking and people in sensible communities in the industrious Up North are about to get spanked.

Oh, and one more thing, when the seasonal rains cease in a couple of months the cool dry other season kicks in. We call it winter but most residents of temperate climes call it delightful. Either way I'm happy but I'll be glad to get my winter trails back even at the highest of high tides.

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