Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Lob

The season for the culling of miniature lobster in the Florida Keys came and went with perhaps fewer human deaths than usual, and lovely windy weather may have put paid to a few hunters' ambitions thus preserving the lives for at least a while of South Florida's miniature lobster. Fish and Wildlife reported almost a thousand boat stops and very few had reached their limits, so the take was less than usual. On the other hand they made no arrests but two people died, one while snorkeling and the other reportedly found some cocaine floating near Fiesta Key, opened the package and stuffed the found powder up his nose with predictable results. Two dead is bad enough but it was fewer than usual for this lobster madness.

It is known to some as "mini Lob" the two day orgy of hunting lobster before they fall prey to the "regular" season, that is the depredations of commercial hunters through the winter months. And the amateur hunters come in droves.

By dawn's early light they crowd the launch ramps, grocery stores and gas stations filling their pockets, and by extension ours, with all the vital equipment needed for the chasing and catching of miniature lobster.

They stop where they can, even on the shoulder of the highway I was astonished to note,

and launch themselves in desperate pursuit of lobster.

The rules are a bit obscure to me but each amateur human is allowed six kills each day of the two day hunt and no spears are allowed. It is limited to two days, thus the term "mini lobster," and the body excluding the head of each killed creature must be at least three whole inches long.

The forces of law and order arrayed against this army of hunters is naturally totally inadequate but they do what they can. One year my wife and I had found a quiet corner to anchor our skiff and take a swim not far from our house, when for the first time in living memory a green striped Marine Patrol vessel pulled alongside and the armed occupant started a friendly chat with we swimmers. I noticed the officer peering into our boat which was when I twigged what he was looking for, as we were the only people he spoke to that day who were not actively chasing lobster.

It is said lobster is delicious and it is if eaten in moderation. My taste for it rather dried up when I discovered lobster will live 120 years if not interfered with. For most though the pursuit of lobster for two days in July is the vacation long awaited, an opportunity for good fellowship and shared adventure.

For me it is a valuable source of money for the Keys,

For lobster it is the beginning of the killing season.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

Welcome home... No doubt visions of BMW's will dance in your head over the course of the next year, until you return to Italy's balmy shores.

It took me a week to fully recover frm the heat of the BMW rally in Bloomsburg, and I doubt you found it that wrm in Italy. Still, I got to meet a whole bunch of bloggers and was sorry you wre not among them.

I enjoyed your posts from Italy, and now look forward to moew from Key West. How is your dog? Call me soon.
Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

I was wondering how you were doing. My Bonneville felt like a bicycle after the 1200 ST.