Friday, August 19, 2011

More Upper Duval

The planning board last night postponed a decision on allowing seating, possibly as much as 165 places according to this morning's paper, at the former Bahama Village Market. According to developer Ed Swift's daughter, apparently the voice of the new generation, the idea is not to put a night club there, the original and much feared plan that neighbors initially worried about, but to rent out the space to a restaurant. And have half a dozen off street parking spaces... The plan calls for guests to arrive by scooter and bicycle so clearly it won't be fine dining for elderly snowbirds! Ah well, we should be happy that in these parlous times when even Swift has properties facing bankruptcy the drive to create presses on.

Parking is the ever present issue on people's minds (not Peak Oil!) and on that subject I read a recent anonymous comment about this rather delightful spot in Truval Village. The complaint, for complaint it was of course? That the café had eaten off street parking for the rather nice outdoor seating.

For Cheyenne even Upper Duval has rural touches that keep her in touch with her base, ancestral self. Gravel and grass above certainly not in keeping with heavy tourists traffic and food disposal below, deep in a bush a couple of feet from a city provided trash can. Cheyenne is lucky humans are lazy.

You too could live in this building with the flamboyant roof line. It used to be a/the Cuban social club and is now downgraded to an apartment building.

This is what we all want to be doing in Key West, hanging drinking coffee and chatting, a pastime or way of life known as limin' in the real Caribbean to our south (thank you Amanda for the reminder).

And speaking of flamboyant these poinciana flowers, known as flamboyants or flame trees depending on where you live in the world, are stil booming nicely on Upper Duval.

Rain or shine August is a fine month to be in Key West.

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sandra said...

I adore Key West in August.

Conchscooter said...

By far the best time.

Danette said...

Lovely poinciana tree- my favorite! I wish we could grow them here! I would plant one in my back yard whether my landlord liked it or no.