Sunday, August 28, 2011

Palm Beach Road

This is a suburban street actually and it's in back of the Blue Hole, wedged between asphalt and wilderness.

I love walking through these quiet streets, which consist mostly of empty lots, trees and a few homes.

Cheyenne likes it too.

The skies on our last walk started out mostly blue with contrasting clouds. It didn't last but even when the rain came our spirits weren't dampened, as rain doesn't mean hypothermia around here.

This thing looked like a bull's testicle dangling in a tree but someone probably knows what it is. I'm pretty sure it's not a meat product.

The roofline behind the spreading coconut is almost hidden but coconuts aren't native plants so where you see one you know there are probably people nearby.

And if you are in the back country of Big Pine expect to see, or hear, a Key Deer crashing through the undergrowth.

This is suburbia, it must be, there's a hoop out front. And it must be a great place to bounce a ball on this quiet back street.

It's not that quiet now that there's a man in pink Crocs with his Labrador.

I've photographed this natural sculpture before and I still like it.

Wayne is fond of telling me that they are giving Big Pine Key away, so low are home prices. There are houses for sale everywhere. This thing was abandoned before it was even close to being done and now there is no demand.

Shuttered and closed for the season or until a buyer comes by. Who knows? A classic Keys home on stilts in the woods. If you didn't need to commute to Key West, more than an hour away, this would be a nice country getaway, this neighborhood.

This part of the woods has not been forgotten by our friends at Mosquito Control.

I put the camera away as the sky went dark and rain threatened.

Did I mention I like these woods?

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