Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snake Creek Bridge

The southern end of Plantation Key has a weigh station for trucks,

...and it's quite pretty too set on it's own wooded mound on the south of the highway, doubtless an inconvenience for commercial truck drivers, but if one is stuck behind an 18 wheeler they may be forced to turn out here liberating traffic for a moment.

The Snake Creek Bridge is the only remaining opening bridge in the Florida Keys and at the moment it seems likely to stay that way owing to one odd circumstance.

There had been plans to Spanish the sixty foot wide salt water channel with a new tall bridge such as have been built over the past couple of decades all across Florida's innumerable coastal waterways.

However in the spirit of Keys Curmudgeons, locks residents protested loudly when plans were announced to create arises bridge above the creek to replace the old bascule bridge.

Residents feared the disfiguring effects of a seventy foot tall bridge with it's long attendant approach lanes and they asked the state to keep the funky old opening bridge.

And here it is, untouched by the passage of time. Only rarely have I been held up by an opening on my travels but in winter there is a fair bit of boat traffic up and down the "creek" which is mangrove lined salt water tidal channel. Supposedly from 8am to 4pm it will open on the hour and half hour on demand by boats, while overnight it will open any time the bridge tender is asked on VHF Channel Nine.

One day perhaps the bridge will change but for now Windley Key and Plantation Key are joined by the opening bridge.

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