Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Gorgeous Weekend

Sometimes the theme of daily life in the Keys gets overwhelmed by the crappy stuff that people insist on finding in their lives. Jet skis are a case in point.

Some anonymous author has spent a large part of the summer complaining bitterly about the jet ski tours that apparently circle Key West daily with their buzzing engines and rooster tails of spray. I am a fan of peace and quiet, hence my residence outside the city itself but endless complaints about rain clouds might be as effective as daily anonymous complaints about tourist activities in a tourist town.

At some point one has to take the advice of the other plaintive voice in the ever amusing anonymous Voice column which was to see the pleasure in living here and not the aggravations.

As we ended our shift at work last night, twelve long hours sitting up and paying attention, all three of us spontaneously expressed a hope for fine weather this weekend. All three of us it turned out had plans, vague it is true, but plans nevertheless, to get out on the water.

It is as it should be: quite lovely out there.

The water won't be warm enough for most people who live here to swim in by November probably, give or take a few weeks depending on the weather, so now is the time to swim as much as possible in anticipation of those cold gray fronts of winter.

I have been enjoying the past several weeks of perfect weather, light breezes, low humidity and lots of sunshine between dramatic thunderstorms. And winter in the Keys is a relative term, cool, never frozen, with plenty of sun to keep the gray at bay.

As lovely as it is, one always needs to pay attention when cruising the extraordinary Overseas Highway.

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Amanda said...

While the interrupted swim season would not stop me from moving to Key West, I will still take this opportunity to brag about how the water where I live is fine for swimming year-round.