Saturday, September 24, 2011

Key West Pix 13

I saw this absurdly cute golf cart on Solares Hill. On the one hand they are irritating because they reinforce the impression that Key West is an extension of Disney World.

On the other hand they are childishly charming machines pretending to be real, so perhaps Disney is an apposite similarity. This next sign I have photographed before but it remains a visible reminder that bicycles are subject to the same road rules as cars, real and golf cart adapted:

I wonder at the patience of a person ready willing and able to stick their finger in wet cement with no greater aim than to leave behind a visible reminder of their passing:

I wonder who Bubba, Sooty, and Mookie were or are. I hope they are in good health. The least I could do was take a picture of their endeavors, for posterity.

I wish I had learned to skateboard. This next picture of an elderly dog took but an instant to take though I stood and watched her anxious pirouettes for a couple of minutes as she circled and staggered, getting in a morning walk in a small circle.

She seemed immensely old and I admired her perseverance.

Orange whit and green in picture above were a pleasant variation on my preferred Key West colors of green white band blue. And a pretty, two tone Buddy 150 below.

Genuine's automatic scooter, made in Taiwan and imported to Chicago is selling well in Key West as it should. It has a fine reputation. These towels indicated to me a good day at the beach was had by all. I hope so.

A line of elegant green shutters, hiding all in their shade.

And a puddles reflection reversing the sense of the letters captured on the surface of the water:

I liked the spray of rain droplets on this dark colored roof:

And this thanks to alert reader David we know is a Lignum Vitae, wood of life.

And this isn't.

It's a date palm which I am told will never produce fruit in Key West as the tree needs aridity to produce dates and at about that time in the year it starts raining around here.

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