Monday, September 19, 2011


The parking attendant's booth struck me as funny with it's little hand scrawled sign. I wondered who might feel the urge to trespass in such a space but history came to my assistance.

When I lived in Santa Cruz California there was a besetting homeless problem which flourished in the relatively mild weather between a city council determined to be humane and a business community tearing it's hair out at the customer aggravation. Key West has much that is similar.

Like Key West, Santa Cruz had a real shortage of public toilets downtown. After the earthquake of 1989, centered in Santa Cruz county and utterly devastating to the city, the semi public bathrooms in the basement of the Cooper House got crushed and a local's refuge while out shopping was lost to time. In the end the city tried putting out Porta Potties for public relief.

I suppose it was inevitable but soon the Porta Loos became the refuges for the homeless. It was one of life's major frustrations to be downtown in Santa Cruz with the crushing need to go and find every single public toilet permanently occupied.

Looking back I have no clue how one dislodges a toilet resident who by the nature of the act is obscured from public view. But as I wondered at the energy and determination of the Hand Scrawled No Trespassing sign on the parking attendant's booth my amusement turned to sympathy.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

I would rather live in a port-o-potty than make my home in the House of Representatives. Yet there is a lot common to both... The aroma... The view... And the output.

Fondest regards,

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I think it would be far worse to be the attendant and find his booth mistaken for a porta-loo after the fact, than trying to oust someone.