Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keys Pix 9

Colorful Key West.

Besides it's hard to get a parking ticket with a bicycle. The white car with the flashing yellow lights was on parking patrol.

This piece of iron is welded to a tree in front of Fast Buck's 'At Home' store on Caroline. It's hard to miss and I don't think many passersby do miss it.

This overwrought Chinese scooter boasts 'hydraulic suspension.' Wow! That's been a round a while. I'm glad they've joined the party. I dread the day China figures out how to build and market machinery was well as the West does. That will be the end of Empire in my mind.

So many dog owners walk in fear and dread of their hound meeting another dog. I feel bad for their eager pooches looking to enjoy a brief encounter, and wonder at the stupidity of human kind. It's obvious to the least observant Cheyenne is a happy dog. He made laugh as he fumbled desperately with the lock trying to get out of the way of my slavering carefully leashed hound. Nice back dude!

Key West, picturesque, shady and like I said at the start...

...full of color. It will stay this way all winter.

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