Thursday, September 1, 2011

Riding Downtown

I am sure the question has to arise: why ride a motorcycle in a town so perfectly adapted to small bore scooters? Because some of us choose to live outside the city, or because simply put, motorcycles are fun.

In point of fact the fun of riding Duval and surrounding streets is somewhat limited. The parking question explains some of the appeal, as parking is free and is usually easy enough to find for a two wheeler.

But the stop and go nature of traffic and the crowds of pedestrians stepping off sidewalks at random make downtown less appealing to ride.

Key West is noticeably hotter than surrounding islands and I notice the heat increase when I am riding my motorcycle into town which makes protective gear problematic this time of over heated year.

Florida law does not require adults over 21 with medical insurance to ride with helmets and many take advantage of the law. I'd rather have a national health care plan and a helmet law like Canada but from time to time I too will ride around town helmet-less, and enjoy it.

Cycling is a good way to go too, and cyclists get away with a little bit of lane splitting which is not allowed for powered two wheelers. That would get more people riding if they could filter to the front of traffic, but such progress will never happen in Florida. So we take what breaks we can get and are glad it doesn't snow down here.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I figure it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Since I've crashed in shorts and flip-flops at Key West speeds (and survived to tell the tale) then I'm okay riding sans helmet and shoes around town - the AGATT crowd be dammed to an overprotective hell of kapok life preservers and Areostitch suits in Yuma AZ.

And yes - the full-faced helmet straps are fused into a single mass.

Riding nearly naked,