Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pigeon Key

The little lump of land midway down the North side of the Seven Mile Bridge may soon be cut off from any easy access to the rest of the Keys.

The newspaper reported recently that grant funding which pays to operate the ferry from Knight's Key (Marathon) to the former Flagler Railroad Worker's Camp is running out.

The old trolley service was discontinued after the state decided the bridge was unsafe for any motor vehicle use. So these days a ferry takes visitors out to the island.

The old bridge is still open to bicycles and walkers but it is a hike of several miles with no shade, to get the historic little island.

Pigeon Key is a museum operated by a private foundation and it is also home to an exceedingly popular art fair each year.

However the bridge issue is causing everyone a headache. The
latest study says the Flagler era cement pillars are quite solid apparently but it is the roadway placed atop them in 1938 that is apparently not doing at all well.

The state says it might be able to fix up the roadway if the county or some other body takes over future maintenance. Good luck with that idea in a crumbling national economy.

In happy days past when there was money the stretch of bridge from Missouri Key to the south was converted to a fine fishing pier. Good for them, bad for Pigeon Key.

I have an essay in the files about Pigeon Key when we last visited and rode out in the discontinued trolley/train contraption. Here's the link:
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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

What the hell! Is the museum at Pigeon Key the only structure on the island? I think you're right that the funds to support an infrastructure like that sole purpose bridge are not likely to emerge over the next year or two. Too bad.

What else is new? Call my cell if you get the chance. I am on the road for the next few days.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

Its a bunch of buildings from the Flagler era, worker housinga nd stuff. the whiole island is part of the foundation.