Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simonton Beach Revisited

The idea that Simonton Beach might one day soon be an attractive pace to visit was given a boost a few long weeks ago when the city commission sold a franchise to a potential shop owner who wanted to open a beach business here.

I can't wait for that to happen and I keep coming back to this tiny little square of sand hoping to see something good. It happens I did see the Echo catamaran leaving the harbor hauling some tourists no doubt and looking very good in the early morning light.

The cliff face that is the Hyatt overlooks the beach and you would be amazed how many calls we get from guests complaining about bums fighting or cursing on the beach.

Perhaps you wouldn't be amazed. Some tourists do brave the rummy characters and take a look at Key West Harbor from the little finger pier.

The pile of dinghies and d├ębris just makes Key West look like crap.

And these derelicts don't help at all. Of all the places in Key West that people worry about their safety, Simonton Beach is the only place that gives me the creeps. These aren't homeless by circumstance or crazies abandoned to the streets.

These are drunks and drug addicts who can't be moved along because it is daylight and the beach is open to all until eleven pm so we are stuck with their sorry asses sprawled about on the sand.

They are rude loud and obnoxious and the sooner the city gets going on the new beach bar or store or whatever it is going to be, the better. This visitor in her expensive room overlooking the zoo seemed thoroughly unimpressed and who can blame her.

Cheyenne ignored the lower forms of life and contented herself with a dead fish which seemed more appetizing than the people on the sand.

I wish I could recommend Simonton Beach but I can't. Not until something drastic changes.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:
If the management of the Hyatt can keep the bums off the beach, how will any new business (like a scuba/surf shop, scooter rental. restaurant/bar, or stripper joint) do the same?

My suggestion is a uniformed police officer with a German shepherd, wearing an orange vest with the letters "DEA." It would be really good if the dog could be prompted to bark at a few of the really suspicious ones. These may sound like Nazi tactics, of which I generally disapprove; but some folks do take advantage of a good thing.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads