Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Clouds And Storms

Every day I ride to work I am greeted by scenes like this one.

I watch the oncoming cars to see if there is rain hitting the road ahead. When there is rain the windshield wipers are going. When the rain is really heavy their lights are on. When all that happens I mentally prepare to stop and put on my waterproofs which are riding in my saddlebag.

Living in the flat lands rain can be on one side of the highway while the observer can clearly see blue skies on the other.

My narrow one lane street looks as pretty as a picture on a hot afternoon. The street is one lane and all summer long my morose neighbors have been out walking it with the body language of angry people. God knows life sucks for a lot of people right now and I'm sure all our turns will come to get screwed by this economy, in the fullness of time. But this sort of loveliness always raises my spirits.

Something good must be happening because I have noticed less fury on the faces of the few anonymous passersby down here. Long may their spirits continue to improve.

These are the colors of the Keys, green for shiny foliage, deep rich blue for the sky and the purest white for the fluffy summer clouds.

For those Up North who see the cold gray claw of winter closing in...

I'm sorry, but things will stay green blue and white on this page, all winter long, every day.

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1 comment: said...

Winter will come but today couldn't have been nicer. A few clouds but mostly blues skies and 75 degrees. A perfect day for a Corvette ride with the top down....hated to come inside. Cuz Lynn in Chicago.