Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ramrod Heat

I wonder if they have air conditioning in all the helicopters that seem to be buzzing around overhead this month. And they aren't all mosquito control either.

Down on Earth one might image it to be so hot the asphalt melts tires, but I think these marks are simply the sign of youthful boredom and rebellion. I am told by Conchs with whom I work that many youngsters find growing up in the Keys to be restrictive.

Funny that these deserted open spaces restrict the lives of the youngsters. I cam empathize as I spent a lo of my childhood in the country and I always craved the excitement of the city, not really appreciating my freedom to roam the hills of Central Italy.

One rarely appreciates what one has,mules one is a dog who has found happiness in daily variety and lots of walks in constantly changing locations.

Cheyenne thought not very much of this dull end of North Ramrod Key and stopped and looked at me and declined to continent walk. As soon as I stopped in response to her mute plea she turned around and stumped right back to the parked car.

I had to drive her to her latest favorite spot and there she walked quite happily round the block. My dog is very particular.

It was hot out there.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

As a former business travel writer, who used every opportunity to fly in herlicopters, I can assure you that the airconditioning in the aging fleet of Bell Rangers is marginal. But who cares? The sensation of flight in a helicopter is incredible.

As per your dog, the animal shows great sense as well as discretion. When I come to Key West, next April, I will lurk n the shadows by day, and tan in the neon by night.

What happen to all the cool people who used to read this blog and leave interesting comments? Why am I the last one?

Fondest regards,

Anonymous said...

A challenge! Unfortunately, I am not up to it at this moment. If I must ponder in order to come up with an interesting remark, I am clearly not in the big league. But I will come up with a great comment about two weeks from now, so check back!

Faithful Reader,
Diana in Citrus

David B. said...

I like to comment frequently, but I try not to be "that guy", unless I have a plant riddle to solve.

Conchscooter said...

I saw another lignum vitae today and knew what is. Riepe's never done that for me. I am dreading fantasy Fest more than ever now. God knows I get plenty of comments as it is and not just from the douche from new jersey (not dagny the other one).