Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wine By The Taste

My wife the social butterfly wanted to enjoy an evening out and a colleague of hers is she said, an accomplished pianist. So we made our way downtown to the Gardens Hotel.

They have an outside bar by the pool and a wine room inside with some newfangled dispensing system that has arrived in the Keys, in this very room. Take a glass and start tasting at will.

To pay, simply put money on a plastic card and with glass in hand you are free to wander and taste as the fancy takes you.

The instructions are pretty simple and they pop up on a screen.

Select your wine and press the appropriate amount.

Brilliant, huh?

The actual reason for our presence was Michael, formerly a professional entertainer and now happily employed as a very respected tutor in the school district.

The Gardens just a block off Duval Street on Angela is a million miles away from the rowdy bars of Lower Duval.

I showed this picture to Chuck and he demurred, "It looks rather gay," but that being the case nothing lost we agreed.

I hope this erection isn't gay, but whoever glued a million sea shells to whatever is underneath deserves a round of applause for patience if nothing else.

The Gardens is a good place for relaxation so we did just that.

Michael was joined by another Michael and the duets flowed as freely as the wine. The ability to get a spritz of wine in the glass means you can actually taste a wide range of wines one might not otherwise venture to try.

It was a warm and inviting evening.

Darkness was falling and we had dogs at home that needed attention. Chuck had Wayne too but we hoped the dog keeper knew how to look after himself for a few hours.

It's very pleasant to have one more civilized place to have a drink downtown.

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PrissyInParadise said...

How lovely. My handsome bf and I love The Gardens. Despite mourning the loss of "Jazz in the Gardens", we attended last weekend's "Tennessee Williams @ 100". What an experience, one we will definitely repeat. There were 3 one-act plays and they were very well-acted by members of the Key West Fringe. Kate Miano's daughter starred in one of them--she has a degree in performance art and it definitely shows.