Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bayview Park

It's pretty as a picture under a bright Florida sun.

Bayview Park, the gateway to Old Town Key West more or less, is an oasis that in a few weeks will become even more of a homeless hangout than it is during the heat of summer.

The Cuban Liberator José Martì stands guard over the lonely southeastern corner of the park.

The rules are posted for the park but the courts have ruled you can't keep people out of public places no matter how disheveled or unmotivated they may be. Or crazy, as we know half the homeless are abandoned people with mental health issues. No new taxes please to help them!

Bayview Park is a living space for people on the streets but it is also a pretty place, a stretch of tree-shaded lawn in a town where lawns are in short supply on a waterless rock.

There used to be benches for people to enjoy the sylvan view at their leisure but then the spite- your-nose brigade took them out to prevent the residentially challenged from using them.

Date palms grow in the Keys but it is too wet I am told for the dates to mature and become edible, but they sure are pretty.

There are tennis courts and playing fields and statues in Bayview Park, plus there's a gazebo which is sometimes used for outdoor concerts, but not often enough in my opinion.

Above all it's a pretty place alongside Truman Avenue, and it's too bad more people don't enjoy it.

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