Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Pine Pool

The last time I was out here, at the south (west) end of Big Pine Key this open space was not tagged as a county open space.

Now it is, complete with lists of rules and stuff. The cool thing about these little road sides spaces is how accessible they are.

When I take a trip to the mainland I'm reminded how cool it is to be in the Keys. If you don't bother anyone you rarely get bothered yourself. The pool is ready and available. Bring your garden chair pack your trash and enjoy.

There are no facilities here, that is to say no toilets and no trash cans, but like the anglers across the channel, you can just hang and do your thing.

Think of yourself as being a snail, hanging and doing your thing...

Humans exist around here but for such small islands there are quite a lot of open spaces.

No boats in the "pool" by the way. Swim and enjoy it, before it gets too cold.

Fishing is allowed of course but if you have monofilament you don't need to throw it on the ground. I don't see much fishing line thrown away so I have to think these special tubes used to dispose of monofilament work. Plastic line is dangerous to wildlife so throwing it away is a really bad idea.

This is a stark winter picture of leafless trees on an 85 degree afternoon. Leaves don't fall much around here unless the tree is dead.

It was hot enough Cheyenne thought a dip might be in order.

Foul weather was on the way and it was hot and muggy before the huge rolling thunderstorms rolled in Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Cheyenne looks very comfortable. What the black coloured items behind and to her rear starboard side?

When Cheyenne come out of the water she no doubt shakes and then does she get a rub down with a towel before into the backseat of the car?

Conchscooter said...

Actually they are rocks.
Yes and yes I carry a towel and cover the seat with a sheet. And wash's all work.