Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day Out

One part of going to Miami is to try something we don't usually eat on the Rock. The Asian place my wife was craving was closed, Vietno-Nipponese-Korean fusion I think it was but as usual she had a back up. I don't how she does it but she knew there was a French Café nearby.

The bread was crisp and the contents excellent. A Mediterranean Croque Monsieur with smoked ham and cheese warmed and half melted put us in France. I ordered a Salade Niçoise which came on lettuce which surprised me. I expected boiled eggs, asparagus and mayo. Luckily I'm always up for an adventure.

The pastries looked superb but my American wife wanted a peanut butter cookie from next door...I yielded with good grace and got a white chocolate cookie to assuage my battered Euro sensibilities.

No Babas and no Napoleons for me. Target was the usual. My wife and her friends are hoping Target comes to Rockland Key's planned new development. I could do without the blank stares and television worship these places induce.

It was cold yesterday. I soldiered on in shorts and sandals but some people found 75 degrees hard to take without protection.

We were a long way from the end of Highway One but we were connected somehow to home away from the chaos of the real world.

Besides, when you go to the Big City you never know what weird shit you may get stuck behind. This guy may know how to drive helicopters, but he was terrible at getting the truck round a corner.

"...and more!" I love that advertising slogan. So vague and all encompassing as to mean nothing. "Aerial support and kosher dogs!"

The drive home sucked oddly enough. There was tons of traffic in all directions. Half of them drove ten under the limit and drove the other half mad such that I got passed on any and all sides by some very angry people. One van took the biscuit, with a personalized tag AMANDA P which passed me on the median at Bahia Honda such that the car which was mad at Amanda tailgated me wildly until I found a spot to pull over and they went head to tail all through Big Pine. You almost wish the economy would keep getting worse (it will) just to see how crazy your neighbors will eventually get (they will-brrr!).

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Anonymous said...

I had a memorable baba in Positano. Slept like a baby on the beach after 3 of them.

Conchscooter said...

I never thought of them as a sleeping aid!

Anonymous said...

Well, like a good Napolitan, he doused each one with at least 3 ounces of rum. I felt like I was doing bar 'shots' of dessert. Not sure if my dreamy memories of Positano were fabricated or not. Good memories nonetheless and a plus for that region, I was not pick pocketed in my dreamy state.