Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goombay 1

The city closes Petronia Street from Duval for the Goomaby street fair.

This year the performance platform was set up in the soccer field beyond Fort Street instead it's usual location on Emma. Thus the festival, supposedly celebrating Bahamian culture was longer than usual, and with apparently fewer vendors, seemed rather sparsely attended compared to years past.

There was still plenty of food,

And the usual quota of straight people expressing eccentricity.

Petronia Street was dressed to represent the almost tropical Bahamas.

And we ate the food we came for. The round yellow pancakes are corn meal tortillas filled with melted white cheese, a slightly sweet dried food pula in Colombia, called arepa.

Alcohol is always on hand at Key West functions,

in one form or another.

Blue Heaven, at Thomas and Petronia, put on quite the spread. We ordered conch salad which came on a bed of green mango slices.

This is the restaurant that most represents Caribbean food in Key West.

The Conch salad was actually quite good, and I say that as one of those rare humans that prefer their seafood cooked, not raw.

Goombay is more than food, it's also companionship, nothing nicer than a sidewalk to sit on.

This wasn't the best Goombay ever but I'm glad I went.

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