Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fortune Favors The Bold

My dog was getting frantic for lack of outdoor walking, and I could tell because, from time to time she raised her head, and her languorous liquid eyes trailed me round the room, full of silent reproach. I determined it was time to drive the car through the endless downpours.

I took her to my favorite spot from which to watch noisy weather and the she immediately turned her back on the views and did what she does best; she chewed a long dead fish head. This was, obviously, going to be a very worthwhile walk.

The gray skies eased up on us just a little bit and for awhile the rain eased to a drizzle and eventually disappeared altogether.

The Gods must have decided we foolish beings, out on the hope of something good, deserved a modest little reward. The seas were remarkably flat...

...considering how windy it was.

That's how it goes in the Keys. The wind roils up waves on one side of the island chain, but leaves the ocean flat on the other. Sometimes the wind blows out of the east and seas seem to stay flat all round. That's the effect of the reefs that keep the waters shallow.

It should have been blusterous and dramatic, but I called the weather's bluff before I went back to work.

It was lovely as usual, not at all wild, but Cheyenne fell asleep, walked and content when we got home. No wonder I need to ride my Bonneville to work in the face of all this weather. It's the only way to really notice it.

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