Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wet Eisenhower

Oddly enough the melodrama of weather is best seen in the city not always along the shore.

Shiny leaves droop over the street, invading the pedestrian space.

I found a KLR 650 that looked suspiciously like Scott's machine with the luggage he used to ride across the country. Had I longer legs I might have bought one.

It's lucky then that I have short legs and bought the Bonneville.

The boats stored in racks looked as though ready to float away in an epic Biblical flood.

Usually they look out of place, stored sensibly in the air like museum pieces not floating living things.

Oh God, I want to learn to enjoy the rain in all it's bright fresh shininess.

But I loathe the damp and discomfort. I like the warm glow of the indoor light, the security far removed from...

...the gurgling drowning wetness of it all.

Riding my Bonneville is my way of overcoming my loathing.

Drip drip drip.

Please someone send the damned tropical storm on it's way. How they cope with all this rain in the sheds and huts and cardboard shelters in Mexico I cannot begin to imagine. That's suffering.

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Anonymous said...

I got here 10/8 and the weather was great until the following Saturday. Nonstop rain since then. And Delta cancelled the 5:55 flight out today because of the thunderstorms rolling through just now. However, if it's going to be miserable I would much prefer to suffer here.

Conchscooter said...

I agree with that sentiment but really its time for it to stop. I'm running out of essay ideas in the rain.