Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goombay 3

Fantasy Fest is the big draw this time of year and next promises plenty of skin and costumes and visitors bound t have a risqué good time on the streets of this little town. Friday was a pleasant little home town street fair, with the promise of...coconut milk? Not forgetting the naked hunk.

We have been suffering from the ravages of the first serious cold front of the winter. Temperatures plunged well below seventy at night and daytime highs couldn't get close to eighty. My wife found our sweatshirts as a precaution and winter clothing started to appear everywhere!

For all that I try to be mindful when I walk Key West I still find views that are new to me. I have probably seen this balconied white building a hundred times but I noticed it Friday evening.

Even though there seemed to be fewer people than in years past lines have never been a problem at Goombay.

Not everyone hauled out winter wear to cope with the extreme winter temperatures. Sandals and boots were the choice of extremes.

I am amused how protective people are of their dogs when they meet. My philosophy is let the dogs sort it out they are much smarter and tuned in than humans. I hate seeing dogs held back from having fun

The hula hoop lady had roped in a couple of youngsters to have a go and they were doing well.

We got our curried goat stew and the consensus was we needed pudding so we ordered funnel cake at the Blue Heaven stand.

Deep fried Americana.

Nice beads, I said. Shall I hold them up for you? She said. I kept quiet and took a picture.

Chuck and Wayne saw intimations of the state fairs of their youth Up North and ordered a second funnel cake.

I like that kids in Key West can run free. Parents tell me neighbors send home reports of all the youngsters activities before even the errant kids make it home...

Want to try a fried Oreo? I thought it sounded disgusting but I was out voted and it was free.

Er, no thanks.

I want spicy red meat grilled and sticky. Yum. The fried Oreo tasted like funnel cake with melted chocolate inside. Disgusting!

Meet, eat, talk, drink. Repeat.

I loved the curried goat, the curried chicken was excellent, the arepas hit the mark and the fruit popsicles were astonishing.

It was an under subscribed Goombay, but next year perhaps it will be better if I have lower expectations.

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