Saturday, October 8, 2011

Key West Bight Boats

It's the weekend so everyone who works regular hours starts thinking about what to do with two precious days off. Not that anyone wants to thank a trade union for struggling to create the weekend so many decades ago.

Surprisingly enough it actually took organizing and protest to convince employers that the sky would not fall in if people got two whole days off in a row.

Sundays used to be reserved for religious observances on the theory that six days of labor, at ten or more hours a day was good for the lower orders and keeping them on their knees Sunday mornings would help keep them out of mischief.

Which would not have left much time for going boating had the lower orders even had such manifestly inappropriate objects. Fiberglass and mass production of leisure craft was a long way into the future when the weekend was created.

I am off this weekend leaving the police, fire and rescue dispatching to my very capable colleagues who will no doubt fumble through without me. I get to devote Columbus Day, our third precious day off this weekend, to my dog and my wife, not necessarily in that order.

Sitting in a classroom from eight in the ante meridian to six in the post meridian all week long gave me a taste of how miserable it is to work regular hours.

Strangers view my twelve hour shifts from six to six as horribly long but the reality is we get two nights off for every two we work, plus I have time during the day to get things done.

Working all day and coming home knackered sucks. Now there is a pile of laundry, the motorcycle needs washing, the car needs vacuuming as Cheyenne won't listen to me and tracks gravel in the car all the time! Besides all that I need to trim the trees which are brushing the house, load the boat on the trailer...and the weekend will be done.

Ah yes, the weekend. We love our weekends.

And remember as we celebrate Cristoforo Colombothat it was neither bankers nor wars that brought you the weekend. Though the people in charge won't tell you that.

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