Saturday, October 8, 2011

Limin On the Porch With El Che

Cheyenne and I were home alone so we did what we do best.

We hung together on the porch and waited for the boss to get home. My chores were done, laundry- check. Cleaned the car- check. Washed the Triumph and adjusted the chain- check. Trees trimmed- check.

The shopping was done too and somehow accidentally a four pack of Boddington's fell into the shopping cart. The book is the story of a US writer touring South America on a BMW retracing the steps of Guevara and Granado on their 1952 trip on La Poderosa IIthe 500cc Norton which powered the trip made famous by the movie Motorcycle Diaries.

Skies were gray but dry, a cooling breeze was blowing through the palms. The Boddington's was delicious, as was Cheyenne's rawhide. All was well with the world.

I felt like a proper Keys visitor imagining this is all there is to life in the Fabulous Florida Keys. Limin all the time.

(with thanks to Amanda in the BVI )

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