Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marine Dust Catchers

I was riding the back roads of the Upper Keys and I wanted to keep stopping because stuff caught my eye. On the other hand I wanted to get home because I was tired and hungry and my dog was waiting for me. But I am going to ride the highway one day stopping every time something catches my eye.

I did bring myself to a halt when I spotted the back of a dust catcher store that faces the highway somewhere around Mile Marker 85, as I recall.

They were bursting with stuff no home should be without.

There must be a vast black market in styrofoam buoys for those who care about such things. Imagine the commercial fishermen clad in white rubber boots shuffling by offering styrofoam globes "cheap" like the feelthy pictures of old.

It was a vast graveyard for shellfish of one sort or another.

And conch. of some sort?

I never cease to e amazed at what people will buy. I am a rotten consumer.

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