Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art In The Streets

I keep tripping over stuff to see and things to look at on the streets of Key West, especially on days when I least expect to see them. The cross on St Paul's:

These gray skies lend an air of menace to everything, even a lilac Victorian.

Roller skating through the gloom on Simonton. Good skaters make it look easy so idiots like me have a go and scrape our elbows.

The Customs House, Key West's Federal outpost closest to Cuba.

Christmas decorations are making a shy little appearance here and there around town. The palms continue to flourish.

Victorian Key West, bricks and a street lamp at the Peppers of Key West building.

This chair, now chained to a tree downtown was a Sculpture Key West exhibit as I recall at the Botanical Gardens.

Head eating a palm (tree).

Like I said things just appear around here when you least expect them. And no it's not magic, it's Key West.

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