Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking A Ride

I couldn't help but contrast the decorative drive of a scooter rider with a lei on the mirror stem...

...to my own rather less whimsical attachments to the Bonneville. I can't see a day in the future where I might decorate the bike with flowers.

I've been seeing more helmets on craniums around town. Another sign of winter when the responsibles descend from Up North.

This youth caught a red light at Duval and came to a superb screeching sideways halt in response to the light. The effort to get cyclists to follow traffic laws seems to work from time to time.

The actual real cold front of the week seemed to be blowing in and the skies grew dark over downtown.

I was getting ready to duck for cover at work as the light faded and I wished I too had a portable dog.

It takes work to locate a scooter in a crowded lot.

They all look the same.

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