Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At The Seaside

My wife came along Saturday when I left the house to walk Cheyenne. She says we get to see more of each other when I work nights, so even when I work Saturday night we get to spend the day together.

Cheyenne loses out because we talk and she doesn't get my undivided attention when someone else comes along on our walks.

A helicopter flew overhead and I hoped it would pass close over the bridge. In the event all I got was a little black dot in the top right corner of the picture.

Cheyenne got busy grazing, turning her back on us.

Helicopters, cars, planes: it was Grand Central Station.

And let's not forget the boats.

All too much for a girl.

I was astonished to spot il Duce riding by on a Harley.

The picnic-ing pair untied the boat and left.

I took a last look around, the island off Bahia Honda State Park.

Sunbathers enjoying a winter day at the beach in the park.

And then we left too.

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